Private Mentorship and Karmic Healing

As a Muse Priestess of Sophia, my life’s mission is to provide you with lasting quantum healing transformations that address all levels of your being: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

My background as a leading global expert in holistic trauma therapy allows me to transmute every level of trauma including sexual, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse.

As an Ascension Specialist, my special sauce is guiding you with my soul wisdom and mastery of activating advanced light working codes to accelerate your Ascension timeline.

My 10 years of experience serving clients in the sacred healing arts in this lifetime, as well as countless other lifetimes, helps me make your healing process pleasurable and fun. Our work together will manifest your deepest Soul's longing for your greatest leadership potential.

I am certified in and work with over a dozen healing modalities including Matrix Energetics© + Psych-K® + 4 Body Fit™ Trauma-informed Yoga Therapy + Sierra Bender Empowerment Method®+ Gyrotonic® + Gyrokenisis® + Health Coach Institute™ Life and Health Coach + 108 Holistic Healing Art of Teaching Yoga + Kundalini Yoga + THETAHEALING® + Akashic Record Karma Clearings + Quantum Healing Practitioner Course + Oracle of Sophia Quantum Fieldwork + Medical Intuitive Galatic Reiki + King Temple Practitioner + Kaia Ra® Psychic Development Training + Stargate 1 Curriculum + Stargate 2 Curriculum +Sophia Circle Journey® Facilitator.


I was a skeptic before I met her but Jasmine has changed my mind completely through the work she does. Jasmine has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I could physically feel the energy in my body change during the healing session. I walked away feeling joyful, refreshed and empowered. If you’re uncertain or on the fence, don’t be because Jasmine is the real deal and she is amazing!

-Angela Sedran

Author of Million Dollar Woman
Jasmine is an incredibly wise and gifted Divine Feminine embodiment and healer. She was intuitively guided to the perfect modality to assist me in my current stage of my own spiritual awakening process. I experienced major shifts within my body, heart and mind regarding claiming my own power and owning my divinity. Old bonds are falling away to make more space for me to be my own light and walk empowered in the world. I am so honored and blessed to know Jasmine. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready for a real upgrade in your consciousness, in alignment with the highest truth and light, from a genuine angel on earth.

-Linx Latham
“I remember the moment I was attracted to Jasmine’s work. I couldn’t quite understand why I was so attracted to the work, but I had a deep and clear inner message guiding me to it. I was a little excited as I didn’t know what to expect, but Jasmine welcomed me in a way that I immediately felt comfortable with.

During the session I was aware of deep energies being moved and shifted. I got a little tired in between but, the real differences I could feel the weeks after. Within a few days, I could see, how men were starting to approach me in more caring ways. I was also able to gracefully let go of someone I was clinging to for months before. I felt very light and happy, and within three weeks, I met someone very special and have been dating ever since. He is the most generous and caring man I have ever been with. It feels very light and carefree, and is healing for me on many levels. Being raised by a single warrior mom, it was never in my family that this is possible, yet I always had this longing deep inside me. It feels like something within me was softened, and externally everyone around me is treating me like a flower… Respectful and caring.

I feel like my inner needs and reality are more aligned to each other. I can’t express in words how grateful I am for your work, dear Jasmine!

-Lilith Felicitas
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