Jasmine KaiSa Rose

Jasmine is certified in 13 different healing modalities and trains new earth divine feminine leaders to psychically develop their feminine gifts in devotion to the purpose and direction of the true Divine Masculine consciousness. This is complimented with her advanced energy healing work and spiritual gifts of clearing ancestral karma and healing past life trauma that activates her client’s advanced lightworking codes.

Jasmine also coaches Men on 5D protocols for stepping into a Kingship path and becoming worthy of union with a Divine Feminine Goddess.

Jasmine has cultivated her abilities over countless lifetimes serving souls through the ascension process. These codes are necessary to accelerate your ascension timeline, lifting you out of the global war of annihilation on the planet right now, so that you can fulfill your Soul’s mission through sovereignty instead of codependency.
Jasmine carries the unscarred sacred feminine and working with her will prime the pathway for birthing a new Golden Age civilization in Humanity. Her mission is for every woman to merge with the true divine masculine and create their Divine Union in the physical world, enjoying the security of knowing their best friend, greatest supporter and King has their back.

Using her signature Triple Kingdom System for Sacred Union, Jasmine elevates her clients feminine energy to fully embody the full-spectrum beauty essences of the Divine Feminine, while co-creating a Legacy of Love and living happily ever after with the partner of their dreams.

Jasmine KaiSa Rose is the exclusive channel of the Solar Dragons

Who are the Solar Dragons? The Solar Dragons are Cosmic Sun Beings here to lead the co-creation of heaven on earth through leading high level initiates through the embodiment of heiros gamos, the spiritual rites of passage of sacred marriage, and the soul mastery of masculine and feminine energetic balance.
The Solar Dragons are here to share ancient spiritual technology for living a happy, healthy existence with a beautiful lifestyle that benefits countless across the cosmos.

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