With Jasmine KaiSa Rose
& the Solar Dragons

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A 12 week energetic makeover for cultivating greater capacity to hold the presence of Divine Feminine Deliciousness

There is no new earth without a new me and you.. and the Solar Dragons are here as highly evolved multi-dimensional guides to serve your success and assist in bringing about your unique legendary impact and influence into this world…

You are a soul who is birthing our new earth, creating new systems and shifting consciousness in radical and beautiful ways.
Even if you don’t yet know it yet…

...You are a New Earth Leader.

This is your moment to discover what you are capable of in the proximity to the greatness of the feminine wisdom and masculine light of the Solar Dragons.
You no longer have decades of time to waste traversing the wrong spiritual paths….
You are being called to bigger things…
No more hiding, this is your time to lead…

As a new earth leader, you are designed to receive world class, exquisite guidance and service with exceptional spiritual expertise, so you can audaciously fulfill your destiny…
I am encouraging you to put your soul path above all else and make a greater commitment to yourself today…
There is so much ahead for you, and your integrity and responsibility are of utmost important to prepare you for becoming ready to fully live out your higher purpose…

I would like to shed light on a truth, that in the not too distant future, many people will be looking for you and your special flavor of guidance and assistance needed for their growth..

Unfortunately, given the  complexity of our current world,
 its not easy to find quality support, so you might find yourself in these situations:

You are a new earth leader, but you’re comparing yourself to the masses.
You are a new earth leader, but you are not implementing big enough strategies.
You are a new earth leader, but you are not deepening into the potency of your Goddess transmission.

To have the kind of powerful and lasting impact that your Soul is calling you into,
we will need to make some energetic upgrades and reach a more refined proficiency  of divine feminine mastery where you are:

embodying your soul’s frequency,
expressing your true identity
living in the magical world you know you deserve.

Are you Hearing the Call?

Deep down, your true desire is to intimately engage with your highest spiritual purpose.

If you are being called to surrender to your greatest power, then you have a deep knowing that you are here because you signed up to be a part of something epic. You are meant to be a part of co-creating our future world in a big way.

I invite you to journey with me, through a private VIP mentorship, or a group program, to discover how different your life may be when you have the personal touch of a divine union ascension facilitator or the blessings of an entire circle of women walking beside you... witnessing and celebrating you in your breakthroughs and holding you in your breakdowns….

We experience the pandoras box of spiritual initiations as the many layers of trauma and wounding that lie below the surface. These accumulated energetic imprints from unprocessed vibrational shame, guilt, repression, and fear, unfortunately stagnate our energy. This becomes tension and pain in the body, and reduces the pleasure and ecstasy that is our birthright. I understand your disappointment, but as a new earth leader, your problems will just get bigger until you rise to the occasion and fully step into the path you were meant to.
It is this unresolved unconscious avoidance plus not having the proper support, that keeps us from accessing our fullest goddess transmission.
 Fortunately, there is a way forward.

But heed my warning, that without taking action with strategic and sophisticated preparation you will be left with huge losses of time, money, and life force. Ultimately, this can be very dangerous, and set you back years and even lifetimes.
But first, heed my warning!  Without taking action with strategic and sophisticated preparation you will be left with huge losses of time, money, and life force. Ultimately, this can be very dangerous, and set you back years and even lifetimes.

What does this all mean?

It is important to follow spiritual protocol for safely integrating the power of higher spiritual energies into your bodies for avoiding disastrous tragedy and gracefully transitioning into the full embodied expression of your divine potential…

If you are feeling called to more…

More abundance, more love, more happiness, more transformation, and more grandiose expression of who you are……

And are here for only the best then, the becoming the goddess embodied curriculum will safely and rapidly move you through consciousness expansion to high vibing in the goddess terrain with the refined precision and skills of divine feminine mastery.

So ….

How would it feel in this life-changing transformational program to:


Live a magical life where fun, love and happiness are rich in the air and reconnect to new heights of passion, purpose, and play


Build a Legacy Empire by consistently accessing genius solutions and creative problem solving


Experience more clarity, consciousness and magnetism through discovering more of your unique goddess superpowers, all while raising the vibration of the earth


Realize the bigness of your Soul mission blueprint and increase the potency of your impact


And finally, feeling the relief of knowing the pathway forward for manifesting your most outrageous dreams

What you need to know:

As a new earth leader you are spiritually coded with a unique Divine Purpose Blueprint….

You are the influencers, teachers, and healers of the new paradigm, but you have net yet received the luxury of white glove energy work your Soul requires to reach the level of success that you know you are capable of.

If you desire to make a difference in this world, then the truth is, there is still more work to be done in freeing yourself to live more deeply from your authentic, and truest self … as an extreme pioneering visionary and innovator.

If you like, this can be the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities and potentialities for your life if you choose to accelerate your Soul's evolutionary journey and say yes to fully "Becoming the Goddess Embodied".  The good news is, my 12 week in-depth Divine feminine mastery program with the solar dragons will help you acquire the consciousness solutions for becoming all that you came here to be in this world…

If this deeply resonates in your heart...

This is your answer to finally step into the full deliciousness you were designed to embody, and become who you were always born to be.

Together we will safely access higher realms of consciousness as you discover latent soul abilities and new spiritual gifts to serve mankind….carrying humanity into a beautiful new phase of heaven on earth living.

The time is now to fulfill your destined role as a new earth leader…and become the goddess embodied,
a woman who knows the power of her transmission, the ways of spiritual alchemy, and fully claims her ability to birth new sovereign worlds through the holy power of divine union love, to bring legendary impact and influence into this world.

If you are destined to be a part of co-creating a new golden age civilization in humanity, then I am your divinely aligned ascension guide for navigating the higher access spiritual initiations required to hold true throne power.

Why Choose Jasmine KaiSa Rose as your Mentor...?

Muse Priestess of Sophia, Spiritual Advisor, and Psychic Healer,
Jasmine KaiSa Rose is best in the world at activating the divine potential expression of ambitious New Earth Leaders with her unique soul’s spiritual superpowers.

Jasmine facilitates sacred ceremony of celestial proportions so that Grail Kings and Queens can successfully create a New Earth Legacy while living happily ever after in their dream Divine Union relationship.

She is certified in 13 different healing modalities and her expertise include
DNA Lightbody Activations, Advanced Energy Healings, Multi-dimensional Karma Clearings, and channeled spiritual mentorship.
Join her with the support of the Solar Dragons, the master protector beings of the sacred Divine Feminine, for an extraordinary journey of potent consciousness awakening practices for stepping into the energetic luxury of embodied Goddess Expression.

What you Get:

7 Curated Activations with Advanced Soul Transmissions with Maximus Light and Jasmine Rose: $1,111 per session
Total: $7,777
5 Goddess Energy Healing Modalities: $395 per blueprint
Total: $1,974
5 Ascension Teaching Masterclasses: $395 per class
Total: $1,974

Total Value: $11,725

Fair Price: $5,985

Introductory price availalable until 11/11:

Get it all right now for just $1,111

or 4 payments of $375

prices subject to change anytime

or take the program over 12 months with 12 payemtns of $130

What to Expect:

Divine Union, Tantra Codes, Embodiment Practices, Safe Sacred Ceremonial Space, Connecting with Other Leaders around the World, and more…

Experience the Cosmic Healing Power of the Exalted Divine Masculine

& begin to restore your original Divine Union Relationship Blueprint.

Experience a next level women’s group container in a Sacred Ceremonial Temple Space with other bad-ass New Earth Leaders who are destined to operate at higher levels of consciousness and express their goddess energy transmission for personal and planetary healing.

This Divine Feminine Embodiment Curriculum is a roadmap of spiritual, physiological, and energetic upgrades to uncover and express the potency of your sovereign divinity in preparation for new paradigm Divine Union Relationships and the Journey into Paradise on Earth.

What's Included:

*All classes will be recorded with lifetime replay access

Class 1:

November 11th 3pm EST

Goddess Bodies of Grace Initiation

An Opening Shamanic Ceremony with the Solar Dragons with channeled ascension curriculum addressing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies about how to hold new levels of expansion in every area of your life

Class 2:

November 18th 3pm EST

Group Tantric Activation

Multi-dimensional energy healing modalities from the Solar Dragons with a dormant DNA activation for unlocking next level spiritual gifts and abilities

Class 3:

December 2nd 3pm EST

How to Care for Your Goddess

A Divine Masculine Attunement for learning how to identify healthy masculine and properly care for your feminine essence energy + group Goddess activation with special guest Maximus Light

Class 4:

December 9th 3pm EST

Rebuilding Divine Masculine Lightbody Architecture

Repair your Inner Union Codes with energetic tools and techniques for upgrading your feminine magnetism and increasing your skill sets in right relationship to organic manifestation principles

Class 5:

December 12th 3pm EST

Hieros Gamos Attunement with Divine Union Couple, Maximus LIght and Jasmine Rose

Learn how to consistently deepen your Soul intimacy and safely channel updated Light Codes that clear out old paradigm broken relationship templates, patterns, and dynamics

Class 6:

December 30th 3pm EST

Divine Union Embodiment Training

Receive spiritual practices for housing new paradigms realities and sustaining more pleasurable and harmonic states of living

Class 7:

January 13th 3pm EST

Solar Goddess Attunement

Receive a shamanic union template activation and learn how to work with the Akashic Record for accelerating past and present life quantum healings

Class 8:

January 20th 3pm EST

Divine Feminine Leadership Activation

Amplify your goddess A-game with the metaphysics of spiritual rebirthing and accelerate subconscious clearing of old traumatic relationship imprints

Class 9:

January 27th 3pm EST

Goddess Gifts Activation

Discover the lineage of your soul, receive a third eye chakra activation, and learn how to safely open your spiritual gifts for healing, teaching, and expanding your creativity in all areas of your life

Class 10:

February 3rd 3pm EST

Dark Arts Training with the Solar Dragons

Learn how to gracefully move through your personal spiritual ascension initiations with advanced Ascension teaching on navigating dark, intrusive energies and psychic attacks

Class 11:

February 10th 3pm EST

Mastering your Goddess Transmission

Learn how to facilitate advanced energy healing and master your highest divine source essence expression through your human embodiment

Class 12:

February 17th 3pm EST

Goddess Dance

Rebalance your inner female and male energies with polarity teachings on the relationship between the feminine and masculine to support attracting new possibilities in love, deepen into 5d intimacy, and prepare yourself to be a divine union counterpart

Get it all right now for just $1,111

or 4 payments of $375

prices subject to change anytime

Get started now!

Maximus Light

Maximus Light brings a new level of skill to the masculine dynamics required for this ascension cycle. As a beyond Ascended Master, he is here to support the transition of Mankind into Heaven on Earth over the next 1,000 years.

Maximus will be offering teachings and transmissions for several of the classes in Becoming the Goddess Embodied.  Learn more about Maximus and begin your Journey of Accelerated Evolution.
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